Kadenzen for Mozart Violin Concerto No.4 K 218 (2007)


From the early beginnings of solo concertos, the soloist would have a section within the piece all by himself. Quasi an improvisation or comment on the piece being heard. Most of the times these short segments were of extreme virtuosic nature and could showcase the talents of the composer/performer even more.

Most composers performed their own cadenzas ( Mozart, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff ), also many famous violinists wrote their own material ( Joachim, Kreisler, Vieuxtemps, Ysaye). Although most performers/students will play the Joachim Cadenzas for the Mozart Violin Concertos I’d like to point out that there are many other options available.

With a slight modern approach my cadenzas try to stay within the elegant and spirited world of Mozart and add a contemporary touch. Buy Sheetmusic

From My Notebook Vol.1

Small ideas turned into small compositions with a character of a etude. Medium to advanced level.Premiered by violinist Karen Bentley Pollick on Feb 20th, 2004 in Seattle, WA

Bebop for Beagles

“Bebop for Beagles” was commissioned and premiered by Mark and Ute Miller, also known as Duo Renard, based in Dallas, Texas. The duet is a tribute to the couple’s pet beagles, Hoover and Roosevelt and their way of life. From utmost relaxation to frantic and playful moments – the two certainly knew how to make the best of life’s challenges.

This “mini-suite” for violin and viola consists of 7 movements. The viola kicks off “Hoover’s Holiday” with a swinging and driving melody, picked up by the violin and developed into a “big band style “arrangement.”Cookies in Space” might be the ultimate dog fantasy – slow motion rotating, sweet treats – you can meditate over that during this slow interlude.”Purzelbaum” is the German word for “Somersault” and this piece plays around with meter changes and overjoyed gestures in double stops and melodic lines.

Dog Park anyone? “Roosevelt’s Sun Shower”: Sunbathing does have an important moment in a dog’s day (Cats like it too, by the way). And the blues seems to go nicely with it.The 5th movement, “Flea Control: Mission Impossible” definitely speaks for itself. A very fast 5/4 meter groove sets the pace and supports rapid melodic lines for both players.What Disneyland might be for children, the kitchen is certainly for dogs.

Sneaking around and watching the refrigerator close and, more importantly, to open needs a dog’s full concentration. The “Kitchen Blues” pays tribute to that.The final movement “Bebop for Beagles” connects with the first in its “swinging” nature and drive. A short motif builds and leads to a solo middle section. Although it might sound improvised, all parts have been written out entirely. Triple stops in both instruments suggest a full horn section. Maybe it’s time to start dancing now.

 Recorded by the Duo Renard



and by the Pollick/Sakharova  Duo








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Winner of the 2009 Crossover Composition Award hosted and created by the German Violin Duo “The Twiolins”.A fast ride for 2 down the freeway. Published by renowned German editor “Ries&Erler“.


Ragtimes for 2








One of my first published compositions! This volume contains a delightful collection of 16 well-known Ragtimes by Scott Joplin (Country Club, Easy Winners, Elite Syncopations, Pineapple Rag), James Scott and original compositions ; arranged for 2 violins (intermediate-level) in progressive order.

It teaches syncopated rhythms, accompaniment and double-stops in an entertaining way. All arrangements are suitable for student recitals or could be used as effective encores.Available at MelBay, Sheetmusicplus, amazon a.o.

Tangos For Two Vol.1&2

A collection of Classic Argentinian Tangos by Angel Villoldo, one of the pioneers of the early Tango. Both, the violin and the piano parts have been arranged for intermediate level. Ángel Gregorio Villoldo Arroyo (16 February 1861 -14 October 1919) was an Argentine musician and was born south of the city of Buenos Aires. He was lyricist, composer and one of the major singers of the era. Volume 2 includes arrangements of Classic Argentinian Tangos by Eduardo Arolas, next to A.Villoldo one of the pioneers of the early Tango.  Eduardo Arolas (February 24, 1892 – September 29, 1924) was an Argentinian tango Bandoneon player, leader and composer.

View Vol.1 Sheet Music  View Vol.2 Sheet Music 

From My Notebook Vo.2

notebook 1


( Violin & Viola)

Level: difficult to advanced.

Premiered by the Luminarias Duo in 2001

Recorded by the Duo Renard and Luminarias Duo

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for Violin,Viola & Cello

Level: medium

Premiered by “Jugend Musiziert” Award Winners Benedikt Schubert, Michael Bänsch und Adriana Schubert

audio and pdf

Tales From The Bavarian Woods (2002)

Winner 2002 William Lincer Foundation Award

(2 Violins & Viola ) Level: medium difficult

World Premiere: Duo Renard and Kristin Jutras, Dallas , TX 2003


Winner 2002 Marmor Foundation Composition Competition, Stanford CA

( Violin, Clarinet &Piano )

Level: intermediate – advanced World Premiere May 9th 2004 Stanford University

Hollywood Nocturne (2004)

yhst-65412465522233_2268_181725Harp, Flute & Viola Level: intermediate

Dedicated to the Debussy Trio Available from Fat Rock Ink

The Seven IONS (2004)

(violin, viola & violoncello)

Level: medium to advanced

Commissioned by the Bach Festival Oregon Composers Symposium 2004 in honor of Gerorge Crumb’s 75th birthday

Pedestrian Crossing (2000)


GPL_202_Music_Pg._1_display4 violas.Level: medium to advanced

Premiered by Ute Miller,Kristin Swanson, Rene Salazar and Mathiew Diekman on Nov 1, 2003 in Dallas, TX

“Pedestrian Crossing” – my composition for 4 violas is now available through Gems Music Publication.Mr.Martinson wrote in the AVS journal about the piece :

“This wonderful viola quartet possesses fresh harmonies that are tonal sounding, yet innovative and pleasant.This work is highly recommended for advanced college groups and for recitals at professional viola gatherings.”

Strings in Paradise (1998)

Level: medium to advanced

A very jazzy and swing driven piece for 4 violas , drums and bass.

Premiered by the GAIA Ensemble on Sept 12th, 1999 at KUSC Sundays at 4 concert series, LACMA

Strings on Vacation (1999)

Level: medium to advanced

“Mini Tone Poem”  for 4 violas , clarinet and bassoon

Also available for small chamber orchestra

Shaken Not Stirred, Happy Hour For Eight (2004)

Level: medium to advanced

Alto Saxophone, Tenor Trombone, String Quintet and Piano

Jazz-infused chamber music

Premier: June 25, 2005 in Heilbronn, Germany by members of the Wuerttemberg Kammerorchester

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Night Train (2000)

Level: advanced

8 violoncelli

Also available for orchestra

IKARUS (1998)

( 3 violins, 3 violas, 3 violoncelli)

Level: advanced

also available for Large  Orchestra

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